Homemade Lemon Curd


Our Homemade Lemon Curd is made with our duck eggs and the simplest of fresh ingredients.

Its colour is a bright almost fluorescent yellow, which we believe is from the deep rich colour of our duck egg yolks.

Once open, please keep refigerated.

Fancy making it yourself? Here is the recipe.

Sorry Unavailable or Out of Season

Additional Information

Weight .550 kg
Allergy Advice

Contains Duck Eggs


Butter, Duck Eggs (Laid by Ducks at Chilcotts Farm), Lemons, Sugar

Jar Size

225g 8oz (227ml), 28g 1oz (30ml)


Available when we have a surplus of eggs., Made in small batches each season. When its gone its gone.


Produced in Devon, United Kingdom


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